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Taiwan LED output continue growing  date:2016-04-15

American GE energy saving light bulbs in the United States announced its withdrawal from the market, specializing in LED bulbs. Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs and Statistics Department show that Taiwan LED output has continued to grow even five years, last year more than 3.5 billion RMB (NT, are not marked at the currency below NT $), annual growth rate of 45%. Taiwan ITRI predicts, 2016 LED lighting market penetration will reach 32.7%, setting a new high in recent years, display LED lighting market sweet point begins in earnest.

Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau officials pointed out that Taiwan's LED lighting used more in public works, including street or parking with light street lamps in Taiwan also reached the end of this year will fully replace the LED lights objectives; general household LED bulbs and energy saving bulbs gradually spread narrow, consumers have more acceptable, the industrial development Bureau this year will also be pushing the development of LED lighting systems integration, output in Europe and America and Southeast Asia markets.

US Department of Energy estimated that in 2016 the price of 10W LED bulbs will be $16 in2013, fell to less than $ 10, the price of the LED element 2020 US $ 0.50 per thousand lumens, spread with traditional energy saving bulbs will converge to 10 within%, LED lighting sweet spot advent of 2016 to 2020 is expected to fast-growing LED lighting.

7 ~ 8w LED bulb inTaiwandecline between 150 to 200 RMB recently, if different brands of promotional activities, the price of the bulb down conversion is a less than 100 RMB. While in North America Philips promotional point of view, 7 ~ 8W LED bulbs two about $ 5, is equal to only 75 RMB a NT.

Taiwan economic ministry's statistics department LED bulbs / lights output from 2009 output of about 391 million RMB, yearly plate rose 1.704 billion RMB in 2014, as of November last year, output value reached 3.52 billion RMB, compared with 2009 growth of ten times; although the annual growth rate from the second half of last year negative growth, but the overall annual rate from January to November also 45% more production capacity to grow 73%.

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