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LED whole market is expectable  date:2016-07-29

LED market in 2018 estimated the total size of about $ 24.9 billion, while LED lighting market share will reach 57%, especially in the commercial and residential potential after two promising market, is expected to create high growth rate.

Generic LED lighting market is subdivided into replacement lights, light bar and line lights, outdoor, industrial, commercial, residential, portable consumer devices, entertainment, retail display use, Off-Grid (independent power supply type), with other types of security. According to reports industry research institutions, commercial high-brightness LED lighting system alarming growth in the long run benefit from the energy-saving, environmental characteristics associated with tax concessions, in the parking lot, office, factory equipment, warehouses and other commercial fields of application will be a substantial increase , in addition to the application of the automobile industry also began to spread.

Automotive industry since a decade ago have been using red LED taillights, but the car interior lamps and front lighting system applications LED, it is only recently began to spread. Currently the proportion of applications in the automotive interior LED indicator portion 70%, 45% of the instrument panel display backlighting, daytime running lights 55%, while the proportion of LED headlamps use about 5%.

LED headlamps have the advantage of LED general illumination between Halogen headlamps with HID xenon lamp, but the light is more centralized, more can be made into patterns of light. In addition, LED's small size, the operation is also higher degree of freedom, thus allowing the depot in accordance with their own vehicles to fight a variety of appropriate types and components.

Resulting in the use ratio LED car headlights far less in other parts of the main reason, or is the price. In addition to LED, as well as car headlights incandescent, halogen, HID xenon lamp and other options, but LED headlamps highest price higher than the same level of halogen 1 times higher than HID xenon lamp about 1.5 times the price seems very People First.

The main reason is self-luminous LED though not heat, but when the current through the bottom will produce a certain heat, may lead to adjacent modules and connecting lines and dangerous problem. LED headlights to not affect other devices, you need to install insulation plate or cooler cooling system. But the cooling system installed on the engine compartment for other purposes must be maintained at a relatively high temperature, become the design and manufacture LED car headlights difficult point is the price of a large portion of reason than Xenon HID lights up.

Industry pointed out that even so incandescent era has gradually ended, LED prices fall to a level acceptable to the average consumer, LED efforts to expand the automotive industry, will allow generic LED market growth is more worth the wait.

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